Most of family members have great time with each other to enjoy the day. It is the best day where all members takes lunch, dinner and breakfast together and talk with whole week events. So, this day is also widely popular as family day of the week. There are also various ways to celebrate and enjoy Sunday at Home with family members as well as with friends.

Make Special Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast on Sunday. It is the best and beautiful day when all members together. So, you have to plan best dinner/lunch or breakfast. It is also recommended that you should prepare meal with all member’s choice. Do not directly prepare meal with your choice. You have to also get some consent from other family members like your brother, sister, mother, father and others. Meal is the best way to celebrate and enjoy Sunday at Home with friends and family members. If your other family members don’t have any problems then invite your best friends to take lunch/dinner or breakfast together with your family members. If your family members don’t like to invite your friends then don’t invite him/her otherwise it will create problems.

Make Arrangement to watch best movie on Sunday. If your family is having interest in movies then it is the best day to watch movies together and make some fun. You have to select movies depend upon all family members choice. Generally, all family members like movies which have some fun and adventure too. So, it is better to arrange movies plan early and schedule it.

Schedule Local Tour to Visit Religious Places/Picnic Spots. If your family is free on whole Sunday then it is also recommended to have some short time picnic at local religious places and picnic spots. Morning and Evening time are the best for local picnics with family members and friends on Sunday. So, prepare yourself early to enjoy best day with friends and family.

Make Charity. Charity is one of the best way to celebrate your day. It will provide you more blessings and enjoyment towards spirituality i.e. Spiritual Sunday. There are so many people in the World who can’t able to eat 2 time meal in a day. You should try to find out those organizers which help those types of people around in your city, state or even country. You can also pay online donation to these types of organizations as well as charity programs.

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