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Eviron Health Drink a healthy soft drink that rejuvenates and refreshes the body  donated  SIGNIFICANTLY towards the wellbeing the Nigerian Troops who are fighting Day and Night to see that Boko Haram Menace Comes to an end.

Eviron Health Drink has donated  to Nigerian Troops because it is concerned about the  physical ,mental and psychological wellbeing of  Nigerian Troops who lose stamina,energy,nutrients and attimes sustain injuries whilst fighting Boko Haram in the Northern Part of the Nigeria.

Eviron Health Drink believes that a Can of Eviron Health Drink  taken by a Nigerian soldier would give them the:

i)focus/ mental alertness (Vitamin B2,B6,B12),

ii) good recovery from injuries sustained during the battles (Vitamin C),

iii) the stamina (Korean Red Ginseng) ,

iv) well functioning body organs to ensure food/water consumed are processed,supplied and absorbed properly by the body without causing any illness or food poisoning  (Hovena Dulcis Fruit)

v) prevent dehydration,quench thirst whilst they fight under the sun(Hovena Dulcis) and

vi)refresh,relax and reward themselves  after the day’s work on the battlefield.

Eviron Health Drink believes in Nigeria and its people so donating towards the physical well being of these Great Men (Nigerian Soldiers) whom have abandoned their families,sacrificed their lives, to fight for their country is a means of moving towards a better tomorrow.

RIP to all our Soldiers who have lost their lives and we pray for God Protection to Soldiers who are still alive and hopeful.

God bless Nigeria, God bless the Nigerian Army,God bless the citizens of Nigeria.

Eviron Loves you all.


mango 1Mangoes which are in season now in Nigeria are very rich in vitamin C,B6,B,A, fibre, and very nutritious and filling.

Having mentioned the nutrients in Mangoes, here are reasons why you  not joke with your mangoes. Eat a mango everyday because they help to:


  1. Fights Cancer – mangoes contain antioxidants that protect the body from breast, prostrate, colon, blood cancers
  2. Skin Cleanser – applying mango paste on the face or as a body scrub helps to unclog pores and makes the skin fresh and tender.
  3. Weight Loss – mangoes has a lot of vitamins and nutrients that helps the body feel fuller. It has a lot of fibre that helps to boost digestive functions by burning additional calories helping in weight loss.
  4. Regulate Diabetes –  drinking the concentrated water from boiling mango tree leaves helps o regulate insulin levels.
  5. Eye Care – Mangoes are very rich in vitamin A which helps in promoting good eye sight,fights dry eyes and prevent night blindness.
  6. Concentration and Memory  – Mangoes contain an important protein and aids children to concentrate on studies.
  7. High Iron for pregnant women – mangoes are very rich in iron that helps pregnant women who are suffering from anemia to increase iron and calcium levels.

 Eviron Health drink that refreshes and revives the body is known as a healthy soft drink because it also contains some vitamins that many fruits like mangoes contain. They are Vitamin C,B2,B6,B12 . Hence Eviron health drink is best soft drink for both kids and adults.

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Bad BreathHello Angels, Valentine’s Day is only 3 days away! History has it that it is a day to show love to family, friends ,less privileged ,visit places, attend events or even get engaged to the loves of our lives.  But Guess what? For some others it could be a day they never want to celebrate either as a result of bad memories from  previous valentine days or personal reasons.  One of the possible causes of bad experiences could be Bad Breath/Mouth Odour known as Halitosis.

Causes of Bad Breathe? It is not surprising to know that most people think Bad breath is caused solely by poor oral hygiene. It could also be as a result of the following :

i)  Eating foods with strong odours like Onions, garlic

ii) Dry Mouth hence no saliva to  help cleanse the mouth                                 from particles that cause foul smell.

iii)Infections such as scurvy in the mouth with bleeding                                       gums,open sores.

iv) Smoking Cigarettes causes unpleasant mouth odour

v) Piling up of defaces in the bowel/stomach.

vi) Medical Disorders like throat infections,                                                                cancer,liver/kidney disease

vii)Dental appliances like braces which hold food particles                               contributing to bad breathe if not cleaned properly.

viii) Sleeping with the mouth open for a long period of time.

Bad Breathe can be very embarrassing that it could transform the appearance of a person from being charming to been  dirty irrespective of the cost of clothing  they have on.

Here are 8  Measures  to help Combat Mouth Odour.

i) Encourage yourself you can combat the problem of                                         MouthOdour/Bad Breath/ Halitosis.

ii) Consume foods rich in Vitamin C,B2,B6,B9 such as                                        Oranges, Vegetables, Fish, Eggs,Almonds to protect the                              gums from scurvy and infections that cause bad breath.

iii)  Brush your tongue and teeth properly twice daily  to                                     remove  particles that bacteria can feed on.

iv) Drink water often to cleanse the mouth often and help                                with saliva production.

v)  Visit the toilet at least 3times weekly to empty the bowel                          of Defaces.

vi) Ensure infections are not left for long.Treat them as soon                          as they are detected.

vii) Train Oneself to sleep with the mouth closed.

viii) Once in a while use mouthwash or minty gums to refresh                            your breathe after eating.

Eviron Health Drink encourages you all to live a fun healthy lifestyle. Also Remember it contains Vitamins B2,B6,B12 and C  that helps with dry mouth and mouth infections causing Bad Breathe.



The  B vitamins are very important for the health of  human hair,brain skin,liver,eyes .Vitamin B6 also named as pyridoxine is one of the B vitamins family necessaary for the  functioning of the brain.

Vitamin B6 is essential for proper functioning of the digestive,immune,muscular,cardiovascular and nervous system. Most importantly, it is needed for the proper brain development and functioning that releases hormones responsible for moods. This explains the inclusion of B6 tablets in the list of supplements given to hypertensive patients . It also helps produce haemoglobin responsible for carrying oxygen to the brain and organs through the blood..

The  Special benefits of Vitamin B6 to the Human brain  are :

i)                  Depression :   It helps take off the feeling of depression or even the thoughts of suicide from the human brain . This is because it helps the brain produce a hormone named as serotin which relaxes the mind and lifts the spirits.

ii)                 Attention:  It helps to clear your mind,increases your attention,eliminate confusion and allows one to focus on getting work done.

Rich Sources of B6 are :

Beef, potatoes,fish,eggs,beans,bananas.

Guess what?

B6 is also present in Eviron Health Drink and that is why several people have said a Can of Eviron eases the feeling of fatigue thus replenishing lost stamina to work better.

Hence, whenever you are feeling tired,fagged out or lacking concentration at work,school,or even at home a Can of Eviron would revive you!





So, this year, Eviron would be giving out LOTSSSSSSSSSSSS of CAARRRTTOONNSSS and CANSSS to Lucky ,Dedicated,  Divinely Favoured Winners lol!

Why are they called Lucky  Winners? Because winners would be selected based on their own efforts and ability to impress Eviron Health Drink!

SO OYAH O!Get all your Cameras ,Facebook Accounts,Twitter Handles,Calendars,Eyes and Ears ACTIVATED!

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Advantages of Eviron Drink.

Eviron Health Drink
Eviron Health Drink

Eviron  Health Drink, a Non-Alcoholic , Caffeine-Free, Healthy Soft  Drink presents the reasons why you should go for a Healthier Alternative to Energy Drinks because of the dangers of Energy drink to the body.

Energy drinks are very high in Caffeine and Sugar and sometimes Alcohol which causes Heart Attack (from faster heart beat triggered by caffeine), Migraines,  Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, Nervousness amongst other  side effects.

Having known the health Implications of Energy Drinks, here are 8 simple reasons why you should Switch to Eviron Health Drink, a Healthier Alternative.

  • Eviron Health Drink is a NON-ALCOHOLIC drink hence safe for everyone.
  • Eviron Health Drink DOES NOT CONTAIN CAFFEINE so there is no need to worry about your heartbeat.
  • Eviron Health Drink has an IRRESISTIBLE TASTE  which gets one hooked on the  first gulp!
  • It is a Healthy Soft Drink because it  contains some healthy ingredients which relieves the body of stress thus, replenishing  lost stamina .
  • One of these extracts is from an ANTI-ALCOHOL herb which is known for its ability to protect the body  from the negative effects of alcohol.
  • Hence, Eviron Health Drink is a good  mixer  for those who want to COPE with SIDE EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL better.
  • It also adds a sparkling taste to your Cocktails and several drink mixtures.
  • In short, Eviron Health Drink offers a combination of Refreshment and Rejuvenation !

Stay  Young , Bubbly and Fit with Eviron Health Drink.



rubus coreanus

Eviron Health Drink contains extracts from  Rubus Coreanus fruit  that is grown exclusively in East Asian countries such as korea,China,Japan .They are  similar to raspberries with a lovely sweet taste( a contributing factor to Eviron’s Irresistible Taste). Rubus Coreanus is rich in Vitamins D, B2,potassium,magnesium.  Mosttimes, they are used to make Jams,spreads or non-alcoholic beverages like Eviron Drink

 Benefits of Rubus Coreanus to the Body.

Traditionally, Asians use Rubus Coreanus to treat several illnesses like impotence, asthma and allergic diseases.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced Blood circulation/flow round the body hence explaining the traditional use of the berries for treatment of erection  problems.
  • Helps with Muscular Endurance thereby  reduce the feeling of tiredness when  undergoing daily activities especially working out.
  •  Helps with bone loss issues by promoting  bone growth.

Guess what?

Rubus Coreanus is one of the top three health ingredients that makes Eviron a healthy soft drink!



Eviron Health Drink- A Combination of Refreshment and Rejuvenation in One Can.


It is very common to see a lot of people ask what is this new red canned drink in town all about?Is it an Energy Drink?Or a special kind of Drink?It says it is a Health Drink or better still a healthy drink?How True is this in a country like Nigeria where one looks twice before they can take people’s words.

How should I see Eviron Health Drink ? A drink that refreshes my body and improves the body health status without causing any damage! Refreshment and Rejuvenation in One Can (R-Square) lol!

Why should I buy Eviron  Healthy Drink this Xmas?

1)Eviron Health Drink is a HEALTHY SOFT DRINK.

2)Eviron health Drink is a NON-ALCOHOLIC  drink so you can share with every family and friend this xmas.

3)  It DOES NOT CONTAIN  CAFFEINE so there is no need to worry about your heartbeat with Eviron Health Drink.

4)   Eviron Health Drink has an IRRESISTIBLE TASTE  which would win the hearts of family and friends on the first gulp!

5) It relieves the body of fatigue and stress and replenishes lost stamina so that you can  catch all the fun you want this xmas because of the  vitamins and healthy extracts in it.

6)     One of these extracts is from an ANTI-ALCOHOL herb  which protects the body especially the liver , from the negative effects of alcohol.

7)   Hence, for those who drink alcohol, mixing Eviron Health Drink with your alcohol can save you and your friends from Hangover!

8)  You  can treat your guests to tastier cocktails recipes like Eviron Punch on our youtube channel.        

9)    When you share Eviron health Drink with family and friends, you share the spirit of  Christmas because the  colour of Eviron Can is RED!


Dangers of Teas or Drinks with Caffeine!

Say no to Caffeinated Drinks. Switch to Eviron Health Drink!
No to Caffeinated Drinks.  Switch to Eviron Health Drink!

AVOID Can drinks or Teas WITH CAFFEINE because they:

i)Causes Irregular heartbeat which triggers hypertension .

ii)Greatly Reduces the chances of getting pregnant in women

iii)Damages the proper functinoning of the Liver which is the 
Blood Cleaner in the Human body.

iv)Causes depression from mood swings which could induce 
thoughts of suicide!

v)Causes Sleeplessness also known as Insomnia.

vi)Increases the blood sugar thus Diabetes.

vii)It is ADDICTIVE thus WORSENING the points mentioned above.

So AVOID drinks or Tea WITH CAFFEINE! You can get the same benefits and more in a healthier form with a can of  EVIRON HEALTH DRINK!


Korean Red Ginseng
Korean Red Ginseng


Eviron  Health Drink contains Korean Red Ginseng Extract ( also known as Asian ginseng) which is popularly known as the most effective type of ginseng worldwide. It  has been used traditionally  by  Asians for centuries  to strengthen the body immune system, improving sexual performance and  the overall performance of the body.

Korean Red Ginseng contains lots of essentials vitamins, natural minerals, amino acids,oil and natural enzymes thus offers a wide range of nutrients to the body.

Korean Red Ginseng is the best because Korea  is known to have(where Eviron health drink is produced) the best soil and climate to grow Korean red ginseng worldwide.

Unique benefits of Korean Red Ginseng:

  • In Men, it improve quality of penis erection,sexual performance, sperm count and sperm mobility.
  • In Women, it strengthens  womb/uterine muscles and supply of blood to the uterus .It also boost sexual drive.
  • In Children, It improves energy levels for daily activities, brain performance and immune system to fight against diseases.
  • It  helps in disallowing  the further growth of cancer cells thus, reducing the risk of worsening/relapse of various form of cancer.
  • It enhances endurance levels for athletic performance and mental performance in everybody.

Korean Red Ginseng is a major ingredient in Eviron health Drink.

SO GRAB  a can of Eviron health Drink and boost your overall body performance (especially your sex life)! from today Cheers!

P.S,  You can ask questions for Further Clarifications.