Eviron Composition 

Korean Red Ginseng 
Increases stamina and prevents collapse, improves overall stamina, accelerates the formation of blood and thus helps the function of the lungs, spleen and blood circulation. It also calms the nerves, and removes mental anxiety or decline in heart function. This finding is supported by Chung Ts’ao Hseuh (Pharmacology of Chinese herbs).


Hovenia Dulcis & its benefits

Study finds dihydromyricetin has a wide array of hyper protective properties including the prevention or attenuation of liver damage, an inhibitory effect on the hepatitis virus, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor and neuro protective properties. It is particularly known for its ability to reduce alcohol intoxication, prevent hangovers and improve the health of the liver. Hovenia Dulcis is supported by Korean Food and Drugs Administration, Chinese Korean FDA and European Commission.

Rubus Coreanus Miquel & its benefits

This Korean raspberry, RCM, has been used as a traditional remedy for liver, kidney diseases, spermatorrhea, prostate, urinary and allergic diseases. It decreases alkaline phosphatase activity, improves overall stamina, accelerates the formation of blood and thus helps the function of the lungs, spleen and blood circulation. RCM furthers calms the nerves, removes mental anxiety, and decline in heart function. RCM is approved by the Chung-Ang University Institutional Review Board (Seoul, South Korea), UK Diabetic Association and British Heart Foundation.

Sucralose & its benefits
Sucralose has a number of key benefits. It is a no-calorie sweetener which can be used in foods, drinks, tastes like sugar and is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar; only very small amounts are needed to sweeten foods and drinks. It is not associated with calories and dental problems. Although it is made from sugar, sucralose isn’t recognized by the body as a carbohydrate. 

Sucralose is safe for use by the whole family including children, women who are pregnant or nursing and even people with diabetes. It is the sweetener used in SPLENDA® approved by U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (USFDA)and can be used at home for sweetening drinks, home cooking and baking, approved by British Heart Foundation and UK Diabetic Association,

Taurine is essential for cardiovascular function of the central nervous system. According to a 2003 study, Zhang et al. reported it helps decrease body weight.


The principal function of glycine is that it acts as a precursor to proteins. It is also a building block to numerous natural products. For humans, it is sold as a sweetener/taste enhancer. Certain food supplements and protein drinks contain glycine. Certain drug formulations include glycine to improve gastric absorption of the drug. Glycine serves as a buffering agent in antacids, analgesics, antiperspirants, cosmetics and toiletries. Many miscellaneous products use glycine or its derivatives such as the production of rubber sponge products, fertilizer, and metal complexants. Glycine is approved by Health Sciences Authority (HSA). 

Vitamins B2, B6, B12 & C

Vitamin B2 acts as an antioxidant that controls the play of free radicals and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Vitamin B6 is a cure for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and aids the regulation of skin blemishes caused by hormonal imbalance. Vitamin B12 is water soluble which propels proper functioning of the brain, nervous system and the formation of blood. Vitamin C assists in averting or shortening the duration of common colds and also dramatically combats the oxidative damage caused by smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke; approved by Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and NAFDAC.

It is approved by British Heart Foundation, UK Diabetic, Korean Food and Drugs Administration, NAFDAC also.



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